National and historical symbols of Hungary

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The Coat of Arms of Úny
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(Komárom – Esztergom County)

The coat of arms of Úny is the faithful adaptation of the first seal imprint of the village, found in 1734. The pelican form, feeding her nestlings with her own blood, is quite common in the symbology of the Reformed Church.

The reason for the symbol of the seal is the fact that in the 18th century most of the population of Úny belonged to the Reformed Church.

The colours of the shield refer to both the origin and the religions of the nationalities of the village.

The blue part refers to the Hungarian majority, the green colour to the Germans and the yellow to the Jews. In the same sequence, the colours refer to the Reformed, Catholic and Jewish religions.

The blue colour covers the upper two-thirds of the shield, as sky, the green covers the lower one-third as forest and field. The yellow nest, as it were standing on a peak with the pelican and her nestlings, is in the centre, streching into both main colour.

At the top of the shield there are three peaks. With their arched forms and blue colour they refer not only to the trichotony already mentioned, but to the mineral springs and the brook of Úny as well.

At the bottom, the graceful form from of the shield ends in a droplike point. Underneath it there is a cotise which is divided into three equal parts. The point is directed at the Úny inscription which is in the central third of the cotise. The year of 1193 in its first third is the date when the village was mentioned in a document for the first time, during the reign of Béla III. We accept it as the birthdate of our village. The year of 1993, placed in the last third refers to the anniversary when the village was 800 years old and its coat of arms in its present form was introduced, due to the decision of the Local Council.

The lower outline of the shield is also the symbol of joining which stands for the necessary unity of the citizens of Úny.