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The Coat-of-Arms of the Town of Üllő [¤]
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(The County of Pest)

Shield erect with a pointed base. It bears: argent a chief gules, a falcon in pale displayed, wings inverted sable, armed gules. The bird of prey is in fact a hawk, which refers to the settlement's name, but in heraldry it is represented as a falcon.

The origin of Üllő goes back to the Magyar conquest of Hungary, when it belonged to the Árpád clan and was the dwelling place of the ruler. The name itself also derives from the family tree of the Árpáds.

Üllő was the son of Prince Árpád, under whose leadership the Conquest took place. The youth probably died before 907 AD, thus he could not succeed his father either as tribal chief or as the leader of the Magyars.

That the name has survived refers to the fact that Üllő's tribe, by right of descent, acquired an area for settling down in the dwelling district of the prince and, by making use of the prestige of the Árpád clan, it also kept the name Üllő.

In the town there is a museum of local history, where visitors can see the historical relics of the settlement.

Today's Üllő belongs to Budapest's prominent areas of attraction. Although the majority of the inhabitants are commuters, the number of those who find employment locally is also on the increase, owing to the ever growing number of trade and service units in the town.

The future of Üllő may greatly be determined by the entrepreneurs attracted to the town through the development of infrastructure, the nearness of the airport and national trunk roads, as well as the vicinity of the capital city.

General data:

The Town of Űllő's area is 4,812 hectares, of which the inner area is 488 hectares, the outer fields are 4,311 hectares, while 12 hectares are enclosed gardens.

Number of real estate for residental use: 3,200

Number of residents: 9,654

Density of population: 200.6 per

Density of population in the inner area: 1,978.3 per


Üllő is one of the capital city's prominent areas of attraction. It is located at a distance of 25 km south of the centre of Budapest. It borders on Vecsés in the north and Monor in the south.

Public transport:

Road transport facilities are excellent; the number 4 trunk road passes through Üllő's inner area. Passenger trains leave for Üllő from Budapest's Western Railway Station (Nyugati pályaudvar). The typical running time is 35 minutes.

Air transport:

The Ferihegy International Airport is at a distance of ten kilometres on Trunk Road 4.


The whole population has access to healthy drinking water and natural gas. The telephone network has been established. The removal of refuse is well organised. The construction of the drain pipe system is in progress.

Health care:

Basic health care includes four family doctors, two pediatricians, three dentists (two for adults, one for children), physical therapy, labour hygiene, district nurses and two pharmacies.


The primary school has eight grades with 800 pupils and 66 teaching staff. Special education is provided in music, English as a foreign language and the arts.

There is also a music school which, on an associative basis, caters for the musical education of students coming from several villages.

In addition, there are four kindergardens and one infants' nursery at Üllő.

Industry, enterprises:

At Üllő there are two share companies, 128 deposit companies, 81 limited companies and 14 other enterprises.

Possibilities for investment

Starting new investments for an industrial or a trading enterprise is possible by the M0 dual carriageway and by the road avoiding Üllő and Vecsés.

The building of a new dwelling area is possible in an area of 15 hectares.


1. The post office

2. Prince Árpád Primary School

3. The Roman Catholic church

4. The pediatric surgery