National and historical symbols of Hungary

In this section you can find the crests of almost 2400 settlements of Hungary with notes. Find the starting letter of the settlement in the list and click if you want to see it.

The Coat of Arms of the Town of Szigethalom
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(Pest County)

The town’s coat of arms can be described as follows:

Shield erect, its base is pointed, party per pale by two vertical bends azure. Szigethalom’s coat of arms symbolises the two branches of the River Danube, that is the island-location of the settlement.

Basic Information:

Accesibility: The village of Szigethalom lies on the Island of Csepel, on the terrtory between Tököl and Szigetszentmiklos. The settlement is accessible within 30 minutesby bus, and within 45 minutes by HÉV from Budapest. Connection with the Great Plain is provided by road number 51 and the Taksony bridge.

Characteristics: Although the modernday history of the village started only in 1950, several archaeological finds have been discovered in ils area. The 1944 bombing of the Dunai Airplane Factory, built in the area, resulted in the death of 2,000 local residents.

Sights: Besides the decades old Roman Catholic and Reformed communities the number of Greek Catholics is significant. The construction of the Hungarian Reformed Boy Scout Center is underway. The village prides itself on ils fine stables, which provide opportunities for lovers of horse backriding.