National and historical symbols of Hungary

In this section you can find the crests of almost 2400 settlements of Hungary with notes. Find the starting letter of the settlement in the list and click if you want to see it.

The Coat-of-Arms of the Village of Szászberek
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(The County of Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok)

The shield depicts three golden ears of wheat tied with a rippling golden ribbon on a triangular Baroque shield.

The shield cut in two by a wavy line of silvery colour has red and blue coating.

The shape of the shield is identical with the coatof-arms of baron Adolf Kohner. By this, the residents of the settlement commemorate the fact that the present community centre developed from a territory called Upper-Szászberek situated beside the nobiliary castle of the Kohner family. Furthermore, the Kohner family was the patron of the settlement in the period before World War II.

The three golden ears of wheat represent the old settlement-structure which consisted of Daruhát, Lower-Szászberek and Upper-Szászberek.

In the shield, colour red represents life, colour blue represents peace and the silvery ribbon is symbolic of River Zagyva flowing by the settlement.