National and historical symbols of Hungary

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The Coat-of-Arms of the Town of Szarvas [* ¤]
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(The County of Békés)

Plate shield erect azure, pierced flanche-wise, top, dexter and sinister chief curved to a point, base fish-tailed. On a field vert a hart or courant, attired. Between the attires a three-pointed open crown or, at a slant to the sinister, gorged with fleur-de-lis, rubies and sapphires. Shield is bordered by a Baroque cartouche or with stylised floral ornaments.

The coat-of-arms was created on the occasion of raising Szarvas to the rank of town in 1848 by the ministry. The town then became a municipality in 1872. During the period of the Hungarian Soviet Republic in 1919 it got the rank of town back, then its status was reduced again to that of a municipality. In more recent times it became a town again in 1966.

The charges of the coat-of-arms of Szarvas were included in the first two seals of the settlement dating back to 1723, as well as in the later versions. A hart was borne in these, leaping to the dexter, with a nobiliary coronet between its antlers.

This latter motif is likely to have originated from the coat-of-arms of the baronial family of János György Harruckern, which might lead to the conclusion that the crown is the symbol of the landlord who organised the re-settlement of Szarvas in 1722.

The first coat-of-arms of Szarvas as a town was created in 1850. It was bordered by a golden cartouche, the shield was blue and the field green. Like the former seals it had a charge of a hart borne crowned. The same motif was emblazoned for several decades on the town's seals, its maps, and publications on local history.


- The centre of Larger/Historical Hungary

- Hotel Árpád in Main square

- Bolza mansion

- School building with Ceres fountain in Main square

- The bank of the Körös river

- Millenial Monument by the Körös river

- Mitrovszky mansion

- Dry mill