National and historical symbols of Hungary

In this section you can find the crests of almost 2400 settlements of Hungary with notes. Find the starting letter of the settlement in the list and click if you want to see it.

The Coat-of-Arms of the Village of Szálka
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(The County of Tolna)

Pointed base shield flanked by branches vert. The base colour is azure, contoured or. The motifs are or.


The coat-of-arms bears the main geographical features of the settlement, the hills. Issuing from these the stylised church, symbol of universal Christian culture, which determines the look of the village.

The lower part of the coat-of-arms bears deer and fish, which live in the fields of the village: symbols of fishing and hunting (the deer are facing each other, the fish are placed above each other.)

The planets (Sun and Moon) represent constantly and eternal revival. The colour azure symbolises future, peace and Lake Szálkai at the same time.

The branches vert with berries gules among them are the symbol of the forest around the village (ruscus aculeatus branch – native plant)

Below the branches vert the name of the settlement “SZÁLKA” is borne in majuscules or, contoured sable.