National and historical symbols of Hungary

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The Coat-of-Arms of the Town of Sümeg
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(Veszprém County)

Sümeg is situated in the southwest corner of the Bakony-hills, in the valley joins the Keszthely-hills to the Kisalföld and the Tapolca-basin. The town lies 20 kms from Lake Balaton in Veszprém county, along the main road 84 connects Sopron with Lake Balaton.

Two leaves and three flowers with four-four petals branch out from the drawing of the heart, that covers the lower middle of the almost square shield with a corner at the bottom. The upper part of the shield with coat of arms is covered in its both sides by the ornaments of the stylized leaves of the helmet-holder. In the upper middle of the shield with coat of arms is a crown with a shoulder-part and a helmet. The armoured arm which lies with its elbow on the middle part of the crown lifts in its palm grasped sword to cut. In front of it can be seen the sickle-shaped moon and in its inner curve the lines of a human face, but behind the arm to the right a drawing of three six-pointed stars.

The colours of the coat of arms – the scarlet colour means the virtue of bravery – and the heavenly bodies have symbolic meaning. The big field of the shield with coat of arms is silver; from its lower corner sets out a bigger, scarlet-coloured heart. The two leaves that branch out to the left and to the right from it are green. The leaves of the three bloomed petals that branch out from the same place are scarlet, but the stamens in the middle are golden-coloured with black dots. The armoured helmet at the neck above the shield with coat of arms is decorated by a golden necklace with a medal. The round each other coiling leaves of the coat of arms’ holder are golden-, red- and silver-coloured. The armoured arm above the crown is with golden and silver streaks. The part of the sword’s hilt is golden, but the blade of the sword is silver. The sickle-shaped moon opposite to the sword is silver-coloured, the three six-pointed stars in the right side of the crown have the same colour and in its fields can be seen black dots.

Sümeg’s coat of arms can be found in the coat of arms’ and seal’s collection of Gusztáv Altenburger and Sándor Réső Ensel. The seal comes from 1739, from the times of the Veszprém’s bishop Ádám Péter Acsády. But Sümeg’s coat of arms isn’t the same with the bishop’s coat of arms. The origin of its motives can’t be found in the specialized literature inconnection with Sümeg.

In the manuscript compiled in the second half of the last century –called Collection of the Hungarian coat of arms’- contents Sümeg’s black and white coat of arms with the usual heraldic marks, too.

Sümeg’s coat of arms is the same with the coat arms of the family ’Hany’ died out. Among the members of this family was Mátyás Hany a castle captain of Zólyom at the beginning of the 16th century, but some members of the Hany family lived in Zala county at the beginning of the 17th century, too. Nemeshany, a village close to Sümeg has probably the name of this family. That’s not clear what connection is with the sameness of this two coat of arms’.