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The Coat-of-Arms of the Village of Sonkád
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(The County of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg)

Oval seal, in outer circle jaune bordured with sable the inscription SONKÁD KÖZSÉG PECSÉTJE 1855 is read in letters azure. In inner circle a sky azure, under it a field brun, on it three trees vert, representing the forests surrounding the village, in the bottom a wavy bend azure representing a creek. The local government has a seal from the year 1855, and it is known from older historic texts.

Short introduction of our village:

Sonkád is a socially and economically disadvantageous village in the eastern part of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county, 8 kilometres away from the Ukrainian border with 721 inhabitants. Presumably the village was settled during the settlement of the Hungarians. The village is situated near the Túr creek. The soil is made up of clay, it once was surrounded by forests, in 1810 the forests of Túr, Gorond, Éger and Cserköz. By 1870, most of the forests were cut, and the Túr inundated the territories several times. This danger was only eased in 1928, when the channel and dam of Túr were built. The symbol presumably represents these conditions of the village.

Electricity was introduced in 1950, water pipes and potable water were introduced in 1986. Telephone lines were connected in 1996, while gas pipes were built in 1997. All roads of the village are covered with concrete. Roads are running to the cemetery and to the “Kisbukó” as well, and water pipes were also built in these outer territories of the village. Kisbukó is a picturesque area with weekend houses, and one of the clearest creeks of Hungary, the Túr, can be found here. Its water is potable, but also it is good for swimming and rowing as well. The source of the Túr is in Transylvania, in the Avas Mountain, and Petőfi also wrote poems about this little creek.

In the village there is a kindergarten and a club for elderly people, the mayor’s new office was built in 2002.

The elementary school and the office of the general practitioner are in Kölcse. Three villages Kölcse, Sonkád and Fülesd are responsible for the running of the school and the doctor’s office. The closest specialised medical care is in Fehérgyarmat. Coaches provide connection between the two villages. Two pairs of coaches run to Nyíregyháza as well, the nearest train station is Penyige.

In the village, the tradition of the performance of Betlehem is alive, younger generations also take part in it. To exhibit our relics, we organize an exhibition in the culture house this year. Our Calvinist church, which was built in the 15th century in Neo Gothic style, was awarded the Europa Nostra Award in 1998. The combination of different styles and the popular Baroque values of the building provide an amazing experience for our tourists. In every August, as a part of the Musical Days of Szatmár, a concert is held in this church. There are no sister villages of our settlement, neither in Hungary, nor abroad.