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The Coat-of-Arms of the Village of Somogyjád
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(Somogy County)

The basic colour of the shield is blue, and there is a rearing golden lion on it with red tongue, turning to the left on a green field.

Somogyjád is a village 17 kms from Kaposvár, beside the railway and the road between Kaposvár and Fonyód. The number of inhabitants is 1700 persons.

The first written report originates from the year 1329, as Jaad, owned by the Laki Thuz family. In 1484 it belonged to the castle of Lak (now Öreglak). On the list of taxpayers in 1526 there were two villages with this name, Alsó-Jaad and Jaad Alberthi. Until the end of the 18th century they were owned by the Perneszi family, in 1715 by the Eszterházies. That time moved the village to it's third place, which regarded final at the moment.

The loval council started to function in 1955, from 1971 Common Village Council, and from 1990 he office of district-notary. The name of Somogyjád's outskirts is Mogyoróvölgy.

In the last ten years Somogyjád developed significantly. It has all the public works needed except of sewer, but the organisation of it is in progress.

The House of Health was built in 1993, and the new pharmacy since 1996 are the garanties of an adequate supply of the inhabitants. There is a regional elementary and artschool, and a nursery as well. The local cable TV broadcasting twice a week, and the local newspaper (Jádi News) help to inform the inhabitants.

There are foundations, associations, clubs working actively since years.