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The Coat-of-Arms of the Village of Sárkeszi
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(The County of Fejér)

As far as we know the medieval Sárkeszi did not own any arms, seals or flags. At (the village of Kis-Keszi), however, had a seal with symbols made in 1768.

Inside the line of the round seal we can see a round frame made with dotted lines: in the middle of this a plough is cleaving three furrows. On the right side of the plough there is a coulter, on its left side there is a spike-tooth-harrow.

The notice written on the seal is: K(IS) KESZI FALU (Pe)SCITE.

(It means: The seal of the village of little Keszi.)

Sárkeszi owned this only symbol, but it is enough for us to create the arms, the seal and the flag of the village.

In our opinion the only things that can be shown on Sárkeszi's arms are the ancient symbols of the seal made in 1768 because in the history of Keszi the agriculture had always a very important role.

At the time when the first seal was handed over, the shields were formed in oval. We mark the colour of the soil with green, the background is blue.

The agricultural instruments are golden-yellow on the arms.

The notice of the new seal says the year of the village's (mentioned as Sárkeszi) first rubber seal and the latest date when the seal was handed over.

After these the description of the arms: Oval arms, in the middle there is aplough cleaving three green furrous in the blue background. On the right side of the plough we can see a golden coulter and on the left side there is a golden spike-tooth-harrow.

The arms are surrounded by a golden-blue cloak.

The description of the seal:

There is a round dotted line in the middle of which a plough is cleawing three furrous. On the right side there is a coulter, on the left side we can find a spike-tooth harrow. The notice written in the external dotted line: SÁRKESZI PECSÉTJE: 1768., 1993., 1903.) (The seal of Sárkeszi: 1768., 1993., 1903.)