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The Coat-of-Arms of the Town of Lenti [¤]
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(County Zala)

The coat-of-arms is a shield party per pale azure and vert, the base curved to a point. In the dexter field two barrulets wavy argent in the fess. On the upper barrulet a castle bastion or with the gate open. In the sinister field an arm vambraced or, borne alaisé, holding a drawn scimitar. In the dexter chief three stars or, in the sinister chief a new moon argent.

The colours of the town are vert and azure (green and blue).

Town Guide

Lenti is situated in the southwestwern corner of County Zala, near the Slovenian, Croatian and Austrian borders, where three larger regions of the country meet.

Written documents date the origin of Lenti back to the Middle Ages.

On January 1, 1979 Lenti was raised to rank of town and the number of inhabitants has rapidly been growing ever since, today it has reached 9,000.

Lenti today has all the characteristics of a nice small town.

Tourism plays an important part in the life of the settlement. This outstanding role is due to the nearby national borders as well as to the special economic situation of our days which resulted in the birth of large-scale shopping tourism.

In addition to the importance of tourism Lenti's natural beauty, its clean air, the surrounding nice hills, the nearby green forests, lakes and brooks, the variety of flora and fauna all contribute to the popularity of the town which is nicely situated in the valley of the river Kerka.

The most valuable gift of nature is the 70 °C thermal water which comes to the surface from the depth of 1,700 m. This potential is utilised by the town's pride the Thermal Bath and Swimming Pool. The healing qualities of the medicinal water are wellknown and acknowledged all over the world. It is especially useful in treating spinal, articular and other locomotor diseases.

The medicinal bath was opened in 1978 and in an area of four hectares it has four pools filled with water of different temperature. The indoor facilities with three swimming pools are open all the year round. A great number of pensions, guest houses, bed and breakfast places offer a good variety of accomodation in the town, visitors can choose Hungarian specialties from the menus of local restaurants and local shops also await shoppers with a large selection of different goods. Apart from being a swimmers' and bathers' paradise, Lenti also offers opportunities for angling, hunting, horseback riding, hiking for those who are interested. Bicycle routes, a bowling alley and a number of tennis courts are also available for those who prefer an active and healthy holiday. The visitors and the sick people who want the quiet tranqility of a peaceful provincial town and want to enjoy the hospitality of the locals will not be disappointed either.

Be our guest at Lenti and get acquainted with our town and its environs.