National and historical symbols of Hungary

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The Coat-of-Arms of the Village of Hidasnémeti [¤]
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(Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County)

The coat-of-arms of the village of Hidasnémeti can be described as follows:

Shiled erect, party per fess gules and argent, its base curved to a point. In field gules an ear of corn and a post horn are borne both or and encouped. In field argent on ground vert a rising customs bar gules and sable. As crest an eagle abaisé is borne, crowned and sable.

A document, kept in the Regional Archives of the Town of Kassa includes an old print of the settlement’s seal with the legend ’HIDAS NÉMETI HELYSÉGE PECSÉTTYE 1839’ (The seal of Hidas Németi 1839). In this seal print as charges a rising customs bar and a post horn are borne.

The old print was redesigned and renewed on the basis of oral and written commission. The requirements to be fulfilled were that the charges to be used would express the past and present characteristics of the settlement. This requirement necessitated the use of a bridge, a customs bar, and the agricultural symbol, an ear of wheat as the main charges in the settlement’s new coat-of-arms. The tinctures were also redesigned to recall those of the coat-of-arms of Abaúj County.

Considering the fact that tradition is the most important feature to rely on when designing a settlement’s coat-of-arms, the charges of the seal print of 1839 of Kassa were considered in the process. The first task was to include all the charges in one single shield. From all heraldic shapes the traditional one has been selected, the one with its base curved to a point, because the coat-of-arms of Abaúj County has the same shape. The tinctures of the county’s coat-of-arms are gules and argent and this is why Hidasnémeti’s coat-of.-arms features the same tinctures. The settlement’s shield is party per fess. The two parts of the shield symbolise the fact that the settlement itself is also divided into two parts by the river Hernád. A new charge, an ear of wheat has been selected to symbolise local agriculture and to complement the traditional charges of the settlement’s seal, that is the charges of the customs bar and the post horn. The customs bar is borne in a field argent. This charge does not only refer to the present-day border crossing station at Hidasnémeti, but it also indicates the fact, that the settlement has for centuries been a border crossing point and a customs frontier.

As crest an eagle is borne, a bird, which was taken over from the coat-of-arms of Abaúj County.

The tinctures of the setllement’s flag – gules and argent - have been selected from the heraldic tinctures of Abaúj County.