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The Coat-of-Arms of the Municipality of Harkány [¤]
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(The County of Baranya)

Harkány is located in the south of Hungary as well as of the county of Baranya, 27 kms away from Pécs, in the valley of the River Dráva, between the gently sloping hills of Tenkes and Nagykopasz, within the range of the Villányi Mountains. The municipality is to be found in the minor region of Hegyföld, at the northeastern edge of the Ormánság region, into which the one-time Bőköz was assimilated. Due to its medicinal water discovered in 1823, which later became well-known all over Europe, Harkány is today a fast-developing spa having been visited for 175 years by patients in the hope of being cured of their locomotor diseases.

The source welling forth from the depth, as well as the snake or coiling up the stick symbolise the water with medicinal properties, whereas the figure of the devil borne in a central position in the base is the symbol of the ancient legend related to Harkány's medicinal water treasure.

The suns or rayonnant in the field vert are meant to represent the purity and nearness of Nature.

Popular legend relates the origin of Harkány and its environs directly to the devil. The tale tells that the devil cast his eyes on a beautiful girl called Harka, the daughter of an old woman. The mother agreed to the marriage on condition that the devil plough the hill all over before the crowing of the rooster at sunrise. Without delay, the devil set about doing the job with a cat, a he-goat and a rooster harnessed to his plough. So fast did he get on that the old woman got frightened, rushed into the poultry house and started to crow in the middle of the night. All the roosters joined in, including the one that was harnessed to the devil's plough. Hearing this, the devil got furious, stamped his foot heavily on the ground and disappeared as though the earth had swallowed him up. On the spot where he had vanished, sulphur-smelling hot water welled forth.

The Harkányi Gyógy- és Strandfürdő Rt (Medicinal and Recreation Bath of Harkány Ltd) is the largest and most important venture in the municipality. It has been the throbbing heart of the settlement's economy for 175 years because, in order that the medicinal water treasure be utilised, a bathing complex was built, to which hotels, a hospital, a sanatorium and other health care facilities have been added. In the middle of Harkány there is a centuries-old natural park of 13 hectares, stretching over the fences that surround the bathing complex, and offering a pleasant environment for the patients of the hospital for rheumatism as well. Due to its surroundings, Harkány has become one of most beautiful spas and resorts of our country. Its bathing complex offers privacy and ideal possibilities for those in need of tranquillity, and also for those who prefer an active way of recreation by swimming, playing volley-ball, sinking into the hot water or perhaps into a beer mug. A variety of services is available for patients who seek recovery, including tangentor, massage and sauna treatments, all done under medical supervision and complete with medical advice.

Those in favour of spending their pastime more actively can choose from pools of various water temperatures, ranging from 37 degrees centigrade to the 26°C sports pool with a wave-free surface. Harkány is a genuine family resort, and the bathing complex is ideal for the whole family, because from grandparents to grandchildren every member of every family can pursue their favourite pastime hobbies here.