National and historical symbols of Hungary

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The Coat-of-Arms of the Village of Halogy [¤]
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(Vas County)

Spade shield erect and azure, a tincture, which represents the Rába river. In shield two fish naiant are borne, both argent. The charge of the upper fish is turning toward the sinister, the lower one toward the dexter. As supporter an archangel, the patron saint of the local church is depicted.

The name of the settlement was first mentioned in writing as early as the 14th century. But it cannot be stated with full certainty whether or not the local people used seals in the Middle Ages. As it is attested by heraldic and sygillographic evidence, it was only in the second half of the 18th century that Hungartian settlements adopted the use of local seals. In the village of Halogy, however, no evidence has been found that 18th century official documents of Empress Maria Theresia or of Emperor Joseph II would have been authorised by using the settlement’s seal.

The first seal prints of Halogy go back to the 1850s and they were discovered on various documents of district administration. Seals of that period were diagonally 18 millimetres wide and they had a sheaf of wheat in the middle as central charge. In front of this motif a scythe and a rake were borne crosswise. Its legend read as follows: HALOGYI HELYSÉG 1854.The print of the village seal of 1854 can be seen on contemporary maps of local plots as well as the authentication clause of these maps.

This seal, basically used for authentication was in use until as late as 1882. It was the year when – by the order of the chief magistrate - all settlements were to have new seals made in the district of Körmend. These new seals had uniform appearance. The legend of Halogy’s new seal – as it is attested by the authentication clause of the volume of local decrees of 1887 - read as follows: HALOGY KÖZSÉG VAS MEGYE. The original date 1882 of got blurred in it.

In Vas County the names of all settlements were registered in the year 1907. Consequently, all of the county’s towns and villages had then new seals made and from this year onward they were allowed to use only the new seal, approved by the National Registration Board. It could have been the year when local leaders would have been able to readopt their settlements’traditional emblems, but the local administrators of Halogy did not take the occasion. They cannot be blamed for missing this opportunity, since only a few settlements of Vas County returned to their old local emblems.

Halogy’s seal of 1907 had the legend VAS VÁRMEGYE HALOGY KÖZSÉG 1907.