National and historical symbols of Hungary

In this section you can find the crests of almost 2400 settlements of Hungary with notes. Find the starting letter of the settlement in the list and click if you want to see it.

The Coat-of-Arms of the Village of Alsómocsolád [¤]
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(The County of Baranya)

The interpretation of the settlement's coat-of-arms:

The main charge of the shield, the bastion symbolises firm integrity and moral courage as well as the possession of a castle in the Middle Ages; the snake is an emblem of the inhabitants'sly and cunning way of thinking, while the snake's put-out tongue is a sign of their outspokenness. The triple mound is symbolical of the peaks of the Tátra mountains.

At around 1330, the time when nobility was granted to the settlement, a castle was located at the fountain head of the River Vág. The original deed of gift can be found in the archives at Szekszárd.