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The Coat-of-Arms of the Village of Almásfüzitő
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(The County of Komárom-Esztergom)

The shield is divided vertically, Wich colour on the left-hand side is silver, on the right-hand side is mid-blue. In the middle third on the left side there is a green willow, wich trunk is double braided. In the middle third on the right side there is a golden coloured arrow, pointing to the right by ending to crossed swords, on wich there is a five-pointed coronet.

The village of Almásfüzitő is located in the northern part of the county, on the bank of the River Danube, along main road No. 10. It is accessible by road and the Budapest-Hegyeshalom railway line runs through the settlement. The villages of Almásfüzitő was formed in 1895, by the joining of two villages, Almás and Füzitő. The narme of Füzitő was mentioned as early as 1001, as Fizeg. In the Middle ages its name appeared in various forms and the village changed hands several times.

According to archaeological finds, the area has been inhabited since the ancient times.

During the Mongol invasion the settlement was destroyed and became uninhabited for a short period of time Unfortunately, in the 16th century the village was hit again when the Turkish tribes destroyed Füzitő entirely. After the Turks had been driven out, the settlement began to recover again under the patronage of the Zichy family. During the early 18th century the majority of the population became Calvinist.

This time the village was predominantly agricultural. In the 19th century industry became more important factor in the economy of the area. The construction of the Budapest-Bécs railway line in 1884 gave a new impetus to the urbanization process of the settlement. Following the Second World War the development of industry changed the formerly agricultural profile of the settlement and many other companies began their production in the area. The constructions of industrial lots attracted many people from all over the county and the settlement became again the leading economic center of the region. The infrastructure of the settlement is good.

The extension of the public sever system and sewage plant, the development of the public lighting, electricity and gas systems have been taken place.

Organized collection of garbage is provided and many flats are equipped with phones. There is a local school and a library. Medical facilities are provided.

Following 1990 Almásfüzitő's economic life has gone through a significant change which is till in progress today. At present the most significant employer in the settlement is the MOL RT.

There is a kindergarten, a primary school, a culture house, an elders club, a health center, a library, a sports field and a post office in the settlement.

The town tries to maintain its cultural role, thus several fairs, festivals and sport competitions are organized annually.