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The Coat-of-Arms of the Village of Agyagosszergény [¤]
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(Győr-Moson-Sopron County)

The settlement’s coat-of-arms can be described as follows:

Spade shield erect, azure and argent, its base curved to a point. In dexter field azure the charges of two fishes – a bigger and a smaller one – are borne vertically. In sinister field argent the charge of a crab is borne.

Shield is topped by a helm argent and it is decorated with a verdured nobiliary crown argent and azure.

Below the shield a ribbon azure is borne with the settlement’s name AGYAGOSSZERGÉNY inscribed in it in letters argent.

The settlement’s coat-of-arms can be interpreted as follows:

The charges of Agyagosszergény’s coat-of-arms go back to the village seal of 1850. The settlement is located near the edge of the Hanság region and in the past it was surrounded by the Fertő Lake and the swamps of the Hanság region. Consequently, fishing and catching crabs meant the chief source of living for the original marsh-dwellers. This is why the two fishes and the crab were used as charges in Agyagosszergény’s seal, coat-of-arms and flag.

The settlement can be introduced as follows:

Agyagosszergény is a remote village, which is located on the edge of the Hanság region, at a distance of 10 kilometres from Kapuvár. The settlement came into being through the unification of the two smaller villages of Agyagos and Szergény and the new settlement was then called Fertőszergény. In 1927 the village adopted the name Agyagosszergény.

The first written mention of Agyagos goes back to 1256 and it read Ogegus. It was a village of farmers and fishermen. Szergény ont he other hand was first mentioned in the form Zerghen as early as 1365. For its inhabitants fishing, forestry and trading in hay meant the chief sources of living.

The present-day village church is a one-nave building and it represents Romantic style.

The number of local inhabitants at Agyagosszergény is 930 and they live in 346 homes. The settlement has been linked to the water mains, sewage system and natural gas pipelines.