National and historical symbols of Hungary

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The Coat-of-Arms of the Village of Adács
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(The County of Heves)

Shield argent, in middle a symbolic coronet, near it tools for cutting and beating reed (tools of roofing). On outer bordure a bulrush, on inner bordure a reed-flowered leaf.

The coat of arms of Adács was created according to the seal of the village from 1883, which was depicted with the motives of reed production. On the seal tools for cutting and beating reed were depicted, these were the tools of roofing. They refer to the fact that the profession of the villagers was to grow reed on the southern territory of the village, which is called Zsombik today. These tools also refer to the roofing style of the village; the houses had reed roofs during past centuries. The main motives of the seal are bordured with reed on the outer circle, and a reed-flowered leaf on the inner circle. On the coat of arms, the tools for cutting and beating reed, the bulrush and the leaf are emerging from a wooden frame that was used to dry reed. Another alternative explanation for the motive is that it refers to the swampy territory that surrounded the village, surrounded by 7 lines from the right and the left respectively.

The coat of arms was created by placing the motives of the old seal on a shield, in the middle a symbolic coronet or is found; bordures or, shield argent. Above the shield on a bend azure the name of the village ADÁCS is inscripted. In base, the year 1323 is inscripted, as this was the date when Adach was first mentioned in a written document.